dzieci dmuchające bańki w Centrum Nauki Kopernik

A family adventure in the city of Wars and Sawa

Who would have thought that the capital of Poland would grow up in a place where, according to legend, a poor fisherman lived with two children. This is teeming now with entertainment, not only for adults, but also for children. The best place for a family vacation? The city of Wars and Sawa, that is Warsaw!

You will love such history lessons

You and your family form an inseparable team of explorers? Even if you missed most of your school history lessons, museums in Warsaw will make learning about old days an adventure. Modern, interactive and attractively designed exhibitions will guide you through more or less distant times of the turbulent history of the Polish capital.

Here are the TOP 3 museums that you cannot miss in Warsaw:

  1. National Museum in Warsaw

It is not only a classic of the genre, i.e. priceless works of art, such as Matejko’s giant painting “The Battle of Grunwald” or masterpieces by Flemish masters, but also inspiring workshops and regular events for families. You should also get to know the rich selection of online educational materials.

  1. Warsaw Rising Museum

The key to understanding the history of Warsaw is a visit to the Warsaw Rising Museum. The dramatic fate of the Uprising was presented in an innovative way. You can hear through the loudspeakers the sounds of bombardments and the fighting Capital’s heartbeat. Search for cards with information hidden in drawers, track events on pages torn from the calendar. The Liberator bomber recreated in the 1: 1 scale or the passage through a fragment of the sewers in complete darkness makes an amazing impression. You will not forget this history lesson.

  1. POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

The time travel continues. Here we follow the fate of the Jewish community living in Poland over the last thousand years. The exhibition is a multimedia, historical trip for adults and children. Here you will find, among others, a real-size replica of the vault of the synagogue in Gwoździec. In addition, the Museum carries out educational projects for families, it is worth checking the program of events before your arrival.

Unusual Museums in Warsaw for families with children

If you are still hungry for knowledge, there is plenty to choose from. Take a look at the list of the most interesting (also very strange) museums on the official tourist website of Warsaw.

Here are the Top 3 of the most interesting museums for families:

  1. Museum of Life under Communism

For many parents it will be a return to childhood, for children it will be a game of guessing what the collected everyday objects from the 50-80s are. You will visit a typical flat in a block, watch propaganda newsreels, sit behind the wheel of a toddler or finally drink coffee from a 60-year-old coffee machine.

  1. Neon Museum

This place is an enchanted garden of glass and light. Fabulous, restored neon signs from the times of the Polish People’s Republic delight with every passing alley. No wonder this museum has been hailed as one of the most instagrammable places in Europe. Prepare phones for selfies!

  1. NBP Money Center

Money is not everything, but here you will find out everything about it. You will see the oldest Polish coins, learn about the technologies of securing banknotes, pick up a 12.5 kg gold bar and see how much space takes 2 million zlotys in 10 zloty banknotes. You don’t have to take any money with you, the visit is free 🙂

Many museums and galleries are admission free on certain days of the week. Check our list on Warsaw’s official tourist website!

I like to move it, move it

Varsovians like to be fit and like to have fun, and Warsaw provides us with countless opportunities.

Here are the Top 3 entertainment attractions for families in Warsaw

  1. Vistula and its surroundings

If you ask where the entertainment heart of the capital beats, many residents will answer: on the Vistula River. Although the river divides the city in half, it also connects residents with an offer of various outdoor activities. On one bank there are Vistula Boulevards, a place for walks, jogging, drinks and fun on the trampoline. On the other hand, the other, wild bank of the Vistula River has natural sandy beaches, playgrounds and running and cycling paths. All this is combined with a free ferry crossing, which is an attraction in itself. We will also add that ferries are not the only water attractions – you will find here a wide range of cruises with large and small ships, kayak rentals and other water equipment.

  1. Fun centers with an idea

If you are looking for ambitious indoor entertainment, Warsaw will not disappoint you. There is everything here, from scientific experiments at the Copernicus Science Center, through retro games at the Pinball Museum, to crazy fun on trampolines in Hangar 656. For fans of water fun there is also a gem near Warsaw – the largest water park in Europe! Do not forget about the attractions at PGE Narodowy (e.g. temporary interactive exhibitions, multimedia playgrounds, the Winter National Ice Rink)

  1. Go off the beaten path to find adventure!

What if you just want to hit the city and get carried away? We have proven methods! We recommend unusual guided tours in “unusual” means of transport: classic Nyska with Adventure Warsaw, by retro bus or Toddler or Fiat 125 with WPT 1313, or by bike from Station Warsaw. In addition, get on board the Po Wiśle catamaran and listen to the captain’s stories about the attractions on the Vistula River. If your family is a real team and you feel ready for any challenge, take part in the attractions prepared by Warsaw City Games. You will never get bored in Warsaw!

Does this way of discovering Warsaw suit you?

Take our quiz – answer 10 questions that will determine the most optimal way for you to explore the capital. As a result, you will get a list of “tasks” – things worth doing and seeing in Warsaw. Are you a Mermaid or a Basilisk? Or maybe you have your own unique recipe for a successful visit to Warsaw? Check it out and let us know! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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